The Golden Horizon

We gaze at this moment of shimmering gold Its glow replacing the dark pandemic void Sun’s mighty reflection on the placid sea May it reflect its light on a tranquil thee


Earthly Pomegranates from paradise The cheeks starting to blush Shy to reveal heavenly fruit to earthlings


To see in the transcendent Is to glimpse heaven The light is always there The question is how to access it

Eternal Flame

Meditation , Rumi, Daoism, and yoga sutras of Patanjali I swim in them I bask in their everlasting sun of light and truth! That inner light — that inner flame of ours — is inextinguishable

Searching Eyes Alight like Birds

On the shimmering diamond drops Sleeping on bright purple red leaves Thoughts of this “nature magic” take over Covering intruding thoughts like fresh paint. As in a deep trance, I see gems, I see sparkling light, I see nature talking, I see colors dancing, I see all — holding hands and singing. Where could all…

Lotus Pond

The Magic of the Lotus. #lotus #magic #poetry #lotuspond #sandiegobotanicgardens


Stay inside the house, we are told. Stay 6 feet away from others to play safe. This — a time to be together – you with yourself Me with myself and stillness. To court silence and gaze within, smiling Without judgment or thought weaving. Think of this time as a blessed retreat A break from…

Christmas 2019

Today, Christmas Day, is a beautiful day, a day to ponder and remember what it all means. The pure meaning of this blessed day — “lest we forget…” is TENDERNESS towards everyone. The message sometimes seems to get lost in the stressful commotion we ourselves create — the near chaos of the season.  The message…