The Reed’s cry

Hear the cock crow thrice  Listen to reed’s mournful cry Revealing secrets

Like autumn leaves falling off branches

Our days and months add up, they fall — to fill a year As snowflakes pile up on a hill eventually all melting away Each day melts into oblivion — Gone forever Some days, cling on to the brainĀ  Never to be forgotten Like unexpected election results With long reaching consequences They cling to the…

Heaven and Earth

  Heaven and earth bond The miracles they create Hearts and minds unite

The Transitory

The brown was once green The fallen petals once a queen Rise and falls of life Shedding of the old Making room for future births The ways of Nature

Times are a-Changing

Iowa has put on its fur coat The squirrels already have theirs They have more important things to attend to: Like foraging and storing nuts Some birds are still singing To the tune of fall leaves falling Like gems covering the earth Ready for the coming freeze No fur coat to pull her through the…