Christmas 2019


Today, Christmas Day, is a beautiful day, a day to ponder and remember what it all means. The pure meaning of this blessed day — “lest we forget…” is TENDERNESS towards everyone. The message sometimes seems to get lost in the stressful commotion we ourselves create — the near chaos of the season.  The message seems to get buried in all the decorations, ornaments, gift- buying and wrappings which seem to take over, pushing aside the true meaning of Christmas struggling to come out and breathe. The pure and simple meaning of this earth-shaking, incomparable historical event is: LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, and GOOD WILL TOWARDS ALL! ALL!!!

#Christmas #spiritofChristmas #peace #love #compassion #goodwill #allinclusive #beauty #seasonsgreetings #meaning #meaningofChristmas

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